Free Breakfast and Lunch


By Camila Angeles

Starting this year, all students will get free breakfast and lunch everyday. All students have to do is enter their six-digit student ID number. For free lunch students get a choice of a sandwich, smoothie, pizza, salad, or the Special of the Day, and students are only allowed to get 1 entree per day. Although lunch is free, there are still some items that need to be purchased. Such as cookies, slushies, chips, agua fresca, lemonade, and fruit punch. Last year, the entrees were $3.25, and the snacks were about $1.00. So, if students get lunch from school everyday for a week, they would save about $16.25!

Breakfast is also free for everyone! For breakfast, there is banana and pumpkin bread, smoothies, conchas, yogurt, breakfast burritos and many more great options!

All the seventh and eighth graders love this new change, and we are glad that we are able to get free, delicious breakfast and lunch every day

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