The First Week of School From An 8th Grader’s Perspective



By Jubilee Lettieri

The day has come, the first day as an eighth grader. I had been dreading this day for months, but in reality being an eighth grader is actually, exciting. Seeing old friends, new friends, and new teachers.  I’ve always been afraid of the eighth graders, but now I am one. They were always intimidating and scaring. Is that how the new seventh graders see us?

The first day was a little different, but not too different as it was as a seventh grader. I only have two teachers that I’m not too familiar with, but they are all great teachers. All of them make learning fun. The first week was only introducing the classroom and its rules, or “norms”. Since the first week is over, we now have to start learning.

The P.E. class is new to me because I previously had independent P.E., but because of an injury, I have to go to regular P.E. class. As a seventh grader, I had a week and a half of P.E. before I started independent P.E., so I am very clueless on what to do. Also, having a longer day is new to me. Usually I would leave after fifth period instead of sixth period, but now I leave after sixth period and I keep getting the times mixed up for each period. I once packed up 10 minutes before the bell rang because I thought I was in fourth period.

This first week has been a rollercoaster. Coming back wasn’t easy. Waking up early and walking down the halls with kids pushing and shoving. I always get pushed against the wall and trampled. It isn.t the best feeling. It was nice to see my friends and meeting new ones. I’m excited to see what eighth grade has to offer me.

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