First Week Of Rehearsals


By Emerson McCafferty-Cable

Starting this Tuesday,  the rehearsals for the fall production, “Much Ado Out West” have started. On September 1, the final cast list for the production came out. The people who got in the cast went to Mr. Lashua’s room on Tuesday, September 5 and started the beginning process of the show. On Tuesday, Mr. Lashua explained to the new 7th graders and refreshed the memories of the old 8th graders, how the process of the production was going to go. First, he explained that two weeks before the play, the rehearsals would go to 5:00 pm and one week before the show the rehearsals would go to 6:00. This week, we will start doing dress rehearsals. A dress rehearsal, is when you start running through the play with all of the props, costumes, and full makeup. He also talked to us about the build day on a weekend before the show. Build day, is when the cast and crew comes to school on a weekend and we start to build together and paint the set.

On Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th, Mr. Lashua handed out the scripts for the show! We started going through cold read of the show. A cold read is when the cast reads the script together for the first time. For me, I think the cold read is the best part because you get to really understand how the play goes and you can understand your character better.

On Friday the 8th, we started doing the rehearsals on the floor. This is the beginning of the blocking of the show. Blocking is when the director starts giving you physical actions to do on stage. For example, exiting stage left or walking up to middle stage. Starting on October 10th, 2016, we will start rehearsing in the Marjorie Luke Theater. I’m so excited for the rest of the rehearsals to come! I can’t wait to make the fall production this year great and have an amazing show on the 17th and 18th of November!

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