Much Ado Out West Auditions


By Olivia McCafferty-Cable & Joy Patterson

On Thursday, September 1st, Mr. Lashua held auditions for the Fall production, “Much Ado Out West” in his classroom, room 127. Several talented students showed up to audition for the play. All of them were well prepared and dedicated which made it difficult for Mr. Lashua and the stage managers to eventually cast the show. Everyone came in with confidence and a good attitude, ready to be part of an amazing production.

The stage manager and assistant stage managers watched the auditions alongside Mr. Lashua. 26 students tried out in total, and they all had very obvious strengths in their auditions, which would later be helpful with casting each person in the role that fit them best. The people who tried out came inside in groups of 6 and read different parts in a scene until almost everyone had gotten to read for the part that they were auditioning for.

After everyone auditioned, Mr. Lashua and the three crew members stayed in the classroom until late in the evening to discuss the auditions. They worked together to decide who would be best for each role and discussed about the cast. The results of which have been posted outside of Mr Lashua’s room. They are also as follows:

Aunt Sue – Leila Machart

Ben – Brandon Holland

Betty – Izzy Borduas

Calamity Jane – Emerson McCafferty-Cable

Claude – Zadyn Kear

Cowpoke Chorus – Ryan Miller, Katie Ostlander, Leilani Rodriguez, Chloe Siegel

Cowgirls – Jamila Faizullabhoy, Greta Mixon, Samantha Quinonez, Madeline Rogers

Drake Turnabout – Nicholas Macchi

Maggie – Chloe Buckley

Pedro – Apollo Cadiente

Ponytail Sally – Kaeva Vorbek

Sheriff Dogberry – Santiago Bailey-Musacchio

Winny – Grace Miller

Wugly Girls – Hannah Arellano, Brooke Bierman, Amelia Griffin, Amelia Kot

The auditions of the fall performance of “Much Ado Out West” were a smashing success.  Congratulations to everyone who auditioned!

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