Sixth to Seventh Grade


By Sophia Burridge

Going to a new school can be a big transition. If you are going from sixth to seventh grade, there might be a lot of changes that you are not used to.

Sixth grade is very different from seventh grade, in good and bad ways. Homework in sixth grade did not take long to finish, it really depended on the day. The classes weren’t as hard and, the teachers went easy on you.

While in seventh grade, all of the teachers expect you to get all of your homework and assignments in on time. If you get it in late, you can get marked down on your grade. They don’t bend the rules as much. Also in PE, you actually get a grade. Exciting changes, such as choosing an elective, are also included in seventh grade.

Then, there are the social differences. In sixth grade, you feel like you have all the power because you’re at the top of the school. In seventh grade, you fall right back to the bottom. Not all changes are bad though. For example, people can make tons of new friends! Most people find themselves making new friends by meeting them in classes, meeting them through other friends, or just seeing them around school!

There are also many similarities. If you work hard and try your best in every class, you’ll have a way better year than being stressed 24/7. Also, if you pay attention and follow rules it will make your teachers year and your own year a lot more exciting.

In conclusion, going from sixth grade to seventh grade can be very different, but you’ll have a great year and adjust to the changes soon enough.

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