USA Men’s Starting Lineup for 2016


By Adlen Godinez

The crowd cheering, the whistles blowing, and the competitors yelling. That was just the start of this year’s Olympics. This year the Olympics took place in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. Over 11,000 athletes from 206 countries qualified for this year’s Olympics.

This year the Men’s USA Basketball Team was loaded with passion, amazing players, and most importantly, determination and hard work! A lot of well known names, such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Carmelo Anthony, and Draymond Green, Lebron James were placed into this year’s Olympics. For Carmelo Anthony, this was his fourth and final Olympics. He won three gold medals for team USA over the past 4 years. For the final game, Kevin Durant was the MVP because he scored the majority of the team’s points and made great plays toward the hoop! Two of the top men in NBA history did not qualify for the Olympics this year including Stephen Curry who played in last Summer Olympics in London. Even though, Curry couldn’t play in this year’s Olympics, the Olympic team worked even harder and once again won gold for team USA!

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