Welcome Ms. Neimroozi!


By Charlie Hess

Every year; once the summer ends, school here at SB Junior High starts up again. Students show up to school with their schedules in their hands, usually knowing who their teachers are. Every year the Junior High hires and welcomes new teachers. On that topic, a new English teacher has arrived here at SBJH, Mrs. Neimroozi, and it’s important for you guys to learn more about her.

She teaches 7th grade English, 4th, 5th, and 7th period, and she is excited to teach! She teaches in room 210 . She just came out of a teaching program, called T.E.P.,( teachers education program ), where you visit a school, get paired with a teacher, and teach a class. When she did that program, she was paired with Mr. Shelton as her Cooperating Teacher, he was a mentor. She did this program right after she got her teaching credential. This program took her a year ( July 2015 – July 2016 ).  Anyway, her hopes of becoming a teacher came alive after she saw that over the summer, the Junior High was hiring.  She got the job, and settled in real well.

I was interested to see what made her want to teach, and why seventh grade? She was inspired to teach because when she was in 7th grade, she had a phenomenal English teacher, and she enjoyed junior high so much, that she decided to become a Junior High English teacher!

After she graduated with her credential, she said that this school was her calling, and you should be lucky to have her. She is excited to make connections with her students this year, and many of years to come!

Besides teaching, Ms. Neimroozi has quite a few hobbies outside of school, that includes a recent love for Yoga, that she tries to do as much as possible. Along with yoga, she loves to drive around and view the city of Santa Barbara. Finally, Ms. Neimroozi loves walking on the beach and finding beach glass to make artsy creations.

Ms. Neimroozi is an excited and new teacher who is willing and determined to give her students a good education as well as a connection that will last forever. We wish Ms. Neimroozi the best of luck in her first year here at the Junior High!

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