Club Day


By Emily Krumholz and Jocelyn Gallardo

One of the many great things about being at SBJHS is all of our amazing clubs! Clubs are a great way to get involved in the school, get to know more about teachers, and make new friends. There is a club for everyone; whether you enjoy taking pictures, practicing your math skills, or even doing your nails! There are several different teachers in charge of the clubs. Who knows, your favorite teacher might be in charge of a fun club! If you were interested in any of these activities, the best thing you could have done was done out to the quad on September 14th for Club Day.

Club Day was the day when all the students could view the clubs that school has to offer. Some of the clubs that were featured were Cal SOAP Club, Direct Relief Club, History Club, Nail Club, Club Live, Health and Wellness Club, and ASB Club. These clubs all had tables set up advertising what the club is about along with teachers or staff who were in charge of it. All any student had to do if they wanted to sign up for a club is go up to the club’s table and sign their name on a list that indicated that they were interested in being a part of it. Just because someone signed up for it doesn’t mean that they are entitled to attend the clubs during lunch, it is completely optional, and you don’t even have to sign up to be in some of the cubs.

Many students expressed their excitement towards club day as well. “I honestly like how many students are interested in the clubs,” said Daniel Valle, 8th grader and ASB President.

All the clubs are tailored specifically to what students may be interested in. As mentioned previously, one of the clubs is the Direct Relief Club (date to be decided). The Direct Relief Club is going to work with the philanthropy Direct Relief. The purpose of this philanthropy is to reach out and help those who may be victims of a natural disaster such as earthquakes, tsunamis and other events under that category. Run by 7th grade history teacher Mr. Zeledon, this club is going to have canned food drives, and other events to help support Direct Relief. If you are interested in helping out in your community then this is the perfect club for you to be a part of!

Another club is the Nail Club with Ms. Kilroy. All you have to do is go into Ms. Kilroy’s classroom during lunch on Wednesdays and paint you nails. This club is great for anyone who enjoys to paint their nails and get all “dolled-up”. It’s fun, and a fantastic opportunity to bond with fellow students, teachers, and make new memories with friends that you already have.

The last club that I’ll talk about is the Health and Wellness Club with Mrs. Knecht on every other Tuesday in her 8th grade science class. This club is all about learning new ways to stay healthy, fit, and feeling your best. It’s a fantastic club if you enjoy doing sports, or are just generally interested in your health and the health of other people. The Health and Wellness Club is also a great club if you want to be a part of a club, but don’t feel like going to one every week.

Overall, Club Day was a fantastic event, and it was well worth it to be a part of not only helping out, but also looking at all of the amazing clubs that SBJHS has come up with.

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