First Day of School:Transfers Perspective

timthumb.gifBy Isaiah Gil

I woke up early and got dressed and ready for school. I don’t remember much but I do remember being horrified. I was shaking because this would be my first day at a brand new school. I’m going into eighth grade and I hardly knew anyone. When I got dropped off I found some of my old friends and we all walked in together. The bell rang and we all went to our first period classes. I have Journalism with Mr Shelton but, I accidentally walked into Mr Borden’s classroom and stayed in there for about 20 minutes. When I finally figured out that I was in the wrong classroom I just asked if I could leave and then found my real class. I walked into the class and found some familiar faces so that was a little bit comforting. I sat down in my seat and just started listening to Mr Shelton talk about what we will be doing this year in journalism. After first period I got to every class on time and had a great first day with all of my classes.

At lunch I was kind of nervous because I was wondering where I was going to eat, but then my friends called me over and I sat with them. We all talked and laughed about pretty much everything we saw so as you could imagine, it was crazy.

At the end of the day I walked home with my best friend since kindergarden and I realized that Santa Barbara Junior High school is very different from the school I went to last year. There wasn’t as much of a diversity of students at my old school, but that’s why I like Santa Barbara Junior High better; you can relate to more people because of your race or religion. I really enjoyed my first day of school and I hope everyone else did too.

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