My Short Stories


By Nick Luna

I have written a couple of short stories on a popular website called WattPad. One of the published and completed short stories I have written is called, “Three Weeks to Save.” It is the 828th best short story in Science Fiction on the site and I am really proud.

Three Weeks to Save is about a man who’s name is revealed at the end, and he ends up stranded on a far away planet with his girlfriend. They get left behind and must return to their planet, but the catch is, the people on his planet are all infected by a deadly disease, that could wipe out humanity in three weeks. They need to get back because only they know where the cure is. That story is published, and finished, so I am proud to call it a success.

I’m in the middle of writing another story called, “Death Day,” which is going well. I published two chapters, and I feel that the cover is nice. There’s not much to say on it, as it is unfinished.

Death Day is currently about a man who wants to get revenge. When he was a child, his mother suffered a horrible death because she didn’t fall asleep by midnight. At midnight, on Halloween, comes a man, house to house, really fast, and if he sees someone awake, he kills them. Now, since the man killed his mother, he wants to avenge his mother’s death. He gets as many deadly weapons as possible, in order to achieve this.

I also recently started a story that’s currently untitled, that I’m submitting in a contest styled challenge, where you write, and the developers of WattPad sees everybody’s submitted stories. The contest started on September 1st and ends September 31st. I hope I do well.

The short story I am writing for the contest doesn’t really have a proper plot set, but currently, 13 year old Jack Moriarty arrives at his house during a dark and stormy night.

That’s all that I currently wrote, but I intend to write way more. I hope this inspired you to either start writing your own books, or to check out mine!

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