Show Review


By Serina Auchstetter

I have watched every single Supernatural episode so far, and I am very excited for season 12 which comes out October 13, 2016. I found this show from several people on social media being obsessed with the plots and how the story ends up. This show interests me because the characters each have their own personal backstory . Since I enjoy watching it so much I thought I would write a review about it.

Sam and Dean had their mother killed by a demon when they were young, and their dad has been searching for the demon ever since. Years later their dad goes missing and they decide to search for him. They must figure out clues, and find each place their father’s been to track him down. While Sam and Dean search, they help people defeat demons and figure out supernatural occurrences, hence the name, Supernatural. While they get closer and closer to finding their father, they become full time hunters and follow their father’s footsteps in fighting demons.

I think Supernatural has a great storyline and good characterization. All the the characters have strong and individual backstories that really add to the plots. The main characters, Sam and Dean, have a realistic and funny relationship. It’s a bit repetitive at times, but the longer you watch it, the more you will fall in love with it and all of the amazing characters. All in all, I’d rate this show 4/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who’s into sci-fi comedy.

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