W.O.L.F. Camp


By Grace Miller

W.O.L.F. stands for Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation. W.O.L.F. is a way for students and kids to interact with each other in a fun-loving environment. They have locations all over California that they use for camps and school trips. This allows people to get out into nature and enjoy the wilderness.

In my 6th grade year, my grade went to W.O.L.F for a week. We spent three nights and four days at Camp Whittier up in the Santa Ynez Mountains. We broke into groups and had trail leaders. We spent our time doing group challenges and activities. We would play different games, and activities where we had to work together as a team, and everyone was important. They also have ropes course which was the big challenge of the week. There were many different tasks to help people feel more comfortable and confident with themselves.

Over the summer, they have a sleepaway camp for a week as well. I have gone the past two summers. The first summer the location was in Moorpark, California, but this past summer it was in Camp Whittier again. At camp you can swim, horseback ride, go-kart, play games, complete challenges, and there was also a ropes course at both locations.

W.O.L.F. Camp is such a fun experience and I am glad I got to go three times! If you’re looking for a good camp, go to W.O.L.F.!

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