Weekend Activities


By Isaiah Gil

Over the summer, everyone had to do something exciting. I, for one, went to many camps and went to tons of places. Since school has already begun, that doesn’t mean that your summer fun is over. There are loads of fun activities you could do with your family, friends, or even on your own.

Over the weekend, you could go on a hike, to the beach with your family, or to the batting cages with your friends. I personally enjoy going with my friends to one of their houses where we sometimes make short movies on iMovie. Over the weekend you could make some special dinner or dessert for your family, and there are many different options. For dinner I usually make salmon, pasta, hot dogs, and sometimes even pizza. I don’t make very many desserts but my little sister is the queen of desserts in our family. She can make brownies, cookies, and cakes. Those are just some ideas for some things you could do over the weekend.

After coming home from school on Friday, I usually make myself a cup of noodles and then go upstairs and just lie on my bed until everyone else comes home, because we get out earlier. When everyone gets home I walk over to my friends house and we make an iMovie. We are trying to be more consistent with making movies so we meet every Tuesday and write the script for the movie, then on Friday we make the actual movie. So far we have made three movies, which each took about two hours to make, but they are only like three minutes long. I come home after the movie is finished and help make dinner. We all watch a movie together in the living room and eat some ice cream. I go to bed late and wake up at noon because there is no school. I make myself some breakfast and then get ready for the day. We go to the beach or a park and run around or play football for a while. We take our dog with us to get him tired so when we get home he isn’t crazy. On Sunday everyone in my house is just tired and trying to get as much sleep as possible because the next day would be Monday. That is my weekend but I’m sure yours is very different. These are just some ideas you can use to make your weekend a more exciting and feel like summer.

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