IPhone 7


By Sam Torres

September 7, Apple released video of the brand new iPhone 7. The new phone has some amazing yet controversial features. Apple’s latest product, before the iPhone 7, was introduced earlier this year. The iPhone has only been on sale for less than a week and people are already going crazy about it.

Apple has added many features, never before seen on an iPhone. Some of the iPhone’s new features are a bit questionable, while other add ons everyone can enjoy. One feature everyone is a bit doubtful about is the removal of the audio jack. This only allows for users to use wireless earbuds, wireless headsets, or anything blue tooth; unless an audio jack adaptor is purchased. The adaptors connects the charger outlet to the audio jack, this means people can no longer charge their phones and use earbuds together, unless using blue tooth.

Although Apple’s added some doubtful features most features are spectacular and have never been seen on an iPhone before. One feature everyone can love is that the iPhone 7 is now splash and water resistant. The iPhone 7’s battery is now the longest lasting battery ever seen on an iPhone. It’s battery is nearly twice as fast as the iPhone 6’s. They’ve also added an extra camera, to get nearly double the zoom and better quality photos.

Apple’s added a groundbreaking feature never before seen on an apple phone, the new 3D touch. When using the 3D touch feature the iPhone responds to the amount of pressure the user applies to the screen. This interaction works with messages, calendar, mail, and many more iPhone apps.

The phone will start it’s sale September 16. Although some of it’s features slightly controversial the iPhone 7, like other iphones, are destine to be a success.

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