Pretty Little Liars Review


By Grace Miller

I love Netflix! Whenever I finish a show I look for a new one, Netflix offers many different choices in various themes and genres. Some of my all time favorite shows have been Friends, Gilmore Girls, and New Girl. One night I was looking for a new show, and I decided to watch the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars. People had told me it was a good show before, I have just never been interested. But that night I watched it. At first I was really confused and a little freaked out, but I wanted to watch more.

Pretty Little Liars is a TV drama, mystery, and thriller. It’s about four teenage girls who are best friends and recently re-connected after the fifth member, and queen Bee of the group, goes missing. They are getting threats from someone, or something, named A. They are trying to figure out who this is, what they want, and what the truth is about their friends. The five girls are Aria (played by Lucy Hale), Hanna (played by Ashley Benson), Spencer (played by Troian Bellisario), Emily (played by Shay Mitchell), and Alison (played by Sasha Pieterse).

There is a total of seven seasons and they are currently in the middle of filming the seventh, which is going to be the final season. Each season has a dramatic finale, and each episode releases more clues and more questions. It keeps you interested and wondering. Each character has their own style and are very different. Hanna is probably my favorite character because she reminds me the most of myself.

Each character has their own relationships and groups of friends outside of the main group, but they all end up together. One of my favorite parts of the shows is how each character connects with one another. I enjoy watching the escalating mysteries and how each character interacts with the rest. I know that I have gotten very attached to the different relationships, and I don’t like it if/when they break up.

Pretty Little Liars is such an amazing show and I suggest you watch it. I would say that junior high and older is a better age to watch it but really anyone could. I’m on season seven and never want it to stop, but all good things must come to an end. If you are looking for a new show to watch, watch Pretty Little Liars! It’s on Netflix and regular TV. I hope you watch and enjoy, because this is a show you will never forget.

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