Subjects In School


Grace Miller

School is very important for kids. It helps them open up their minds to more learning styles as well as new ones. All subjects in school are extremely useful and important in their own ways and all together.

English is for teaching reading and writing. It helps us get better using text connections, grammar, and punctuation in writing. English is one of the most important subjects because the skills you learn will help you in every subject and off in the world.

Math is also a very important subject. It teaches ways to use different learning styles to figure out problems and expressions. In math you learn vocabulary, expressions, signs, and many more skills as well. It is used in everyday life, you use it in almost every issue and job.

Social studies reminds me of english, because of how we read stories and write papers on books and real life events. In social studies you learn about the history of our country and of the world. You learn about different cultures, traditions, places, and even your family. In social studies you use a lot of the skills from English because you are doing writing and reading.

Science reminds me of math. I say this because in science you are using many of the same traits as you use in math. You use math problems to determine scientific data and create hypotheses, etc. Science is a way of exploring nature and the world. You get to use your imagination and you can learn about anything.
As you can see, the four main subjects in school are very important for various reasons. They are a way for you to interact with the world and other people. School may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it will definitely help you later in life.

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