Marshmallow Lab


By Nick Luna and Nina Hall

This week was Marshmallow Week.That means Mr. Croshaw let us roast marshmallows in his class over a bunsen burner.. For everyone who doesn’t know, Mr. Croshaw gives us three marshmallows, and we have to figure out how to get a golden brown marshmallow using a bunsen burner. On Tuesday we had our first day of roasting marshmallows. Mr. Croshaw had safety glasses, marshmallows, and skewers set up on a table. He had half of the room go first.

Nina went first, Nick was on the other side of the room. Nina’s first hypothesis was if she has a 3 inch flame and hold my marshmallow to the side of it then she would have a perfect golden brown marshmallow. She walked up to the table with the marshmallows, skewers, and safety glasses. She grabbed a marshmallow and a skewer, put the marshmallow on the skewer, and put on the safety glasses. There was an open bunsen burner, so she walked up to it. It was already lit. So, she carefully placed her marshmallow next to the flame. She watched the marshmallow carefully, trying not to burn it. At first everything was going pretty well, it looked like it was starting to cook. After a while she realised that it wasn’t cooking at all. The marshmallow was still completely white, and wasn’t even hot. So, she walked back to her seat to write everything down.

After she was done writing, she still had her marshmallow because it didn’t burn. The marshmallow looked as if it hadn’t been touched and Nina didn’t want to waste it, so she just used the same one. Her next hypothesis was if she had a 3 inch flame and waves  her  marshmallow back and forth through the flame while rotating it she would get a perfect golden brown marshmallow. She found a bunsen burner, put on her glasses, and walked to it. She lit the match, and then the lit bunsen burner. She started to pass her marshmallow back and forth through the flame. Her marshmallow was starting to melt, but it was getting really perfect. She kept roasting it then letting it cool a little. She was getting pretty far, and then she looked away for one second. She stopped her marshmallow in the flame for one extra second, and it caught fire. It was like she was holding a fireball on a stick. She quickly blew it out, and ate it. She walked back to her seat to write everything down that she just did.

Nina realised while she was writing that her hypothesis was working. So, she decided to use the same hypothesis. Nina got out of her seat, and walked to the table to get a new marshmallow and some glasses. She walked to an open bunsen burner, and got ready to try for the last time. Nina slowly and carefully passed her marshmallow back and forth through the flame. The marshmallow started to bubble a little, and then one of the edges was transforming into a golden brown. Soon her marshmallow was coming of the stick, and the marshmallow was golden brown on one side. She let it cool for a little and then kept trying. Her marshmallow was becoming golden brown, but every time she went back and forth she had to let it cool. After a while the marshmallow was getting there but it was still falling of the stick. She passed her marshmallow through the Bunsen burner one more time and…. puff it was a blazing ball of fire. She ate and went back to her seat to write everything down.

Nick was next. He went up and grabbed a shishkabob stick, a marshmallow, and safety goggles. He put them on, then waited for a bunsen burner to open. Once one was free, he walked up to the bunsen burner and attempted his hypothesis. He burnt the marshmallow, once roughly ten seconds have passed. He was upset, but went back to his seat to record what happened. He went slow, so he decided to rotate faster for his next hypothesis.

He then went back up to the bunsen burners. He rotated the marshmallow faster, and it had the same effect, except it burned slower. He was so sad. He wanted to go next, so he stood up, then realized it was too late. Period 5 was ending soon, so he sat back down.

The next day, he arrived, ready for the second day marshmallow roasting. He sat down and grabbed his marshmallow lab. He thought hard and strong of a good way to get a perfect golden brown. He thought of a technique where you bob the stick up and down. He did that but it unfortunately still burned. So, next he just swayed back and forth, and he got an almost perfect golden brown.

At the end, their hypotheses were were unsuccessful, but what matters was that they tried. Both of them got really close, but neither got the extra 5 points. That is okay though because in the end they still got to eat marshmallows. Thanks for reading.

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