Los Angeles Football Is Back!


By Bennett Van Donge

There is no reason to drive to San Diego for an NFL game, and there is no reason to cheer for the Chargers anymore because the Rams are back in Los Angeles! Yes, that’s right, after 20 sad years of no football in L.A, the Rams are back! So turn on your TV and cheer for the Rams because Los Angeles has a football team now and they’re never leaving again!

They played their first game as the Los Angeles Rams on September 12 in San Francisco against the 49ers. There was a lot of pressure on them to win their first game as a Los Angeles football team. When a sports team moves to a new city their fans are counting on them to get a win because it would make history for the team and be awesome to get that first win in front of new fans. With all of the loyal fans that stuck with them through the St. Louis and dark days, they were counting on their team to get a win in their first game in L.A. When they were in St Louis for 20 years they played terrible except for the 1999 season when they came out strong and won a Super Bowl title. They suited up star players like Tavon Austin, Aaron Donald, and Johnny Hekker that night against the 49ers. With low passes, bad defense, and not a single touchdown in this game, the Rams failed to come out on top. The 49ers prevailed winning this game with a blowout of 28 to 0. The 49ers had strong offense and Blaine Gabbert, their quarterback, threw 4 touchdowns. It was a very sad day for all Rams fans across the country in Los Angeles and even St Louis.

While the 49ers fans were cheering, the Rams fans crying. They would not become 1 and 0 in their first game as the Los Angeles Rams. That was alright, they knew that it wasn’t going to be their last meeting against the 49ers this season. They would have one more chance to beat the 49ers on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles on their home turf. That night they would have all of their home fans rooting for them which would give them a boost of confidence, instead of their rival’s fans cheering for the opponent. They were going home 0 and 1, but they kept their heads up high ready to play the Seahawks next Sunday. Another week, another chance to get a win. Just because they were now in last place in their division, did not ruin their playoff hopes at all. It just a little bump in the road, not the end of it.

If the Rams would win the Super Bowl this year, they would be the first football team in NFL history to ever win a Super Bowl in their first season in a brand new city. That would be incredible for the franchise and the city of Los Angeles. Come on, cheer for the Rams this season!

One response to “Los Angeles Football Is Back!

  1. Favorite quote form your article, “The 49ers prevailed winning this game with a blowout of 28 to 0. ” Go 49ers 😉

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