7th Grade Homework Load


By Lila Gibson

So far, the homework load hasn’t been too bad. During the first week of school, homework mainly consisted of activities for teachers to get to know students. This didn’t take much time at home and was pretty easy overall. The 2nd and 3rd weeks we started doing more academic work. We got into how homework was going to be for the rest of the year. We started having math homework every night, and English homework most nights. Science and Social Studies will normally be every other night. Within these weeks, we started having to spend more time on homework. Some nights I even worked from right after school until 7 P.M. on my homework.

Even though it’s not too much homework, it feels like a lot because students get a little bit from each of their classes. In elementary school it was different. Students usually got a large amount of homework but only for two subjects. English and Math with the occasional Science and Social Studies project. This was easy for us to handle. We would spend about an hour on homework, and then be able to go out and do something. This year in Junior HIgh it’s a little bit harder. The amount of time spent on homework varies every day, but 2 hours is around how much time I spend on it.

To gain more insight about the homework load I asked Nina Hall, another 7th grader. When I asked her about how she feels about the homework, she thinks that it hasn’t been too hard or too easy, it’s been manageable. She spends around 2 hours on average each night. She even thinks that it’s probably a little less than 6th Grade.

In conclusion, Junior High gives us students a little bit of homework from each of our classes. Students don’t always get it every night but they do have it for each class. My hopes for the rest of this year is that there isn’t too much homework, but just the right amount to help us succeed in our classes.

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