The Best Water Parks In America


Adlen Godinez

Has anybody ever just wanted to go in an inner tube down a long lazy river? Wanted to go super fast down a 50 foot Drop? Well, these top 5 outdoor water parks across the USA will put you in shock!

The first water park, that you should visit is Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin. This water park is great for all ages. From the Margarita Swim-Up Bar to the Cubby’s Cove to the Bumper Boats, will leave you screaming for more! Here at Wilderness Resort, they are most known for their wide range of activities, not even without the water park. For instance, there is zip lining, indoor go karting, golf, and even laser tag! They have a lot of crazy, loopy, and thrilling water slides like the Lost World. At the Lost World there are a bunch of waterslides, a long lazy river, and obstacle courses. Here you can soak up the sun, challenge yourself with mini obstacle courses, or even play underwater basketball!

The next attraction is The Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Texas. This water park is definitely for those of you who aren’t afraid of heights, major drops, and lots loops. Take the 81 feet Blastenhoff for example, where you’re enclosed in a really long slide and encounter loops, drops, and lots of water! Another great thing about Schlitterbahn Waterpark, is that it’s totally kid friendly from the Treasure Island Kids Pool or to Tiki Tiki’s where kids can go through obstacles and get thrilled from what this water park has to offer!

Noah’s Ark waterpark in Wisconsin is the largest water park in the USA! Noah’s Ark will make you embrace your inner child again. There is a variety of things for you and your whole family to enjoy, like Dark Voyage, where you and 3 other people sit in a raft and all of you go super fast, while twisting and turning down into total darkness. Another thrilling ride is the Scorpion’s Tail where you’re 50 feet in the air and the slide is 400 feet long! On the Scorpion Tail, you will experience loops, major drops, and intense heights.

Water Country USA is definitely the most kid friendly water park ever! For instance, their Rock n Roll Island. Where kids can roam free from obstacle courses to jungle gyms to long lazy rivers, and all of this over a 11,000 square feet pool! There are two medium size slides called the Little Boppers great for ages 6-10. There is an all age place called the Kritter Korral (recommended 2 and up) where kids can slide slides or go on the mini lazy river. Water Country also offers,  live animals in certain areas of the park and waterpark museums!

#1 rated Water Park in the USA is Dollywood in Great Smoky Mountains, Texas. Dollywood is for all ages and is the ultimate waterpark experience. For those who aren’t afraid of heights and drops, the Tail Spin Racer is meant for you. You and 5 other people are going head to head to get finish the slide first. You start 5 stories high and you’re laying on your belly on these rafts. The whole slide is longer than a whole football field! Do you that always enjoyed feeling your heartbeat a million miles per hour? Then the Fire Tower Falls is the best slide for you.  70 feet in the air, your hands across your chest, and once you’re on there is no turning back.

Water parks are a great way to have fun! Come and visit any of these over Summer Vacation or any other time!

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