iOS 10 Update


By Jubilee Lettieri and Chloe Buckley

Apple has done it again. A brand new update has been released and there are so many  new features to check out. Since most people in journalism have iPhones,  we got some opinions from our Journalism students.

Lila Gibson, a seventh grader, thinks there are some really good uses for the updates, but there are also some that are pointless. For example she does not like the new login. People used to swipe to the right to get to the keypad to type in your passcode.  Now when you swipe to the right, it shows your notifications.

In addition to the new update, Apple has redesigned their emojis. We think they look more detailed than the older ones. They are more rounded, and more 3D. Apple changed the handgun to a water gun. There’s some controversy about the new emojis. Some people hate them and refuse to get the update, and some people love them and don’t mind it.

Only the newer iPhones are able to update so unfortunately not everyone is able to access the iOS 10. Out of the people we interviewed, over all it was determined that the iOS 10 update has its flaw but has good sides too. Not all of the new features are liked, but some are great improvements. One of the most popular features are the digital touch on iMessage.  People are able to send GIFS, draw, and send animations that take over your entire screen. Balloons are able to be sent for someone’s birthday. Comments can be made on someone’s text.  There is a feature called “personal touch”. What can be sent is a heartbeat, fireball, a kiss, sketches, etc. To access this, tap on the heart with two fingers next to the iMessage tab.

A feature that is disliked is the disappearance swipe lock. People must now press their home button to unlock the phone. The swipe unlock is nowhere to be found. Another negative thing about the update is it drains the battery faster. Another feature is the music. Apple Music started around the end of 2015. With the new update it’s hard to figure out.

Overall, the iOS 10 update has a lot of controversy. Not everyone likes the new features and some people don’t like it at all and haven’t updated their phone because of it but it’s a great update and it has a lot of nice features.

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