By Nick Luna

Snapchat is a big app that most teens nowadays love. People all around the world love Snapchat, so the Snapchat team took it as far as to make a pair of sunglasses that have a mounted camera! That is right! People can record their daily lives with only a press of a button!

The glasses, called Spectacles, have a mounted camera to the side, near the hinge, where users only need to press a button! CNBC confirmed on Twitter that Snapchat plans on releasing the product in the Fall, for only $129.99!

These cool shades can record up to 10 second videos! Users only need to press the button, and video instantly records. Subsequent taps will result in new recordings, and this video will wirelessly sync up with the user’s phone! The camera’s lens will be 115 degrees, making it wider than a typical iPhone. The videos recorded will be circular too! Spectacles will also come in three different colors, black, teal, and coral, according to the Journal.

These cool shades will definitely be a big step for Snapchat, and that’s all the information Snapchat said. If more information will be released, then that will definitely make people happier. While the release date slowly approaches, all we can do is wait.

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