Ice Skating


By Alexia Rodriguez

When people are bored, they sometimes they go to the beach, read, watch movies, go downtown, hang out with their friends, and many, many other things. When I am bored at home, my sister/friends and I like go ice skating at Ice In Paradise. Ice skating is very fun except for when we fall. We will race around the whole ice skating rink, play games together, and get to go really fast. Luckily, when we race, I don’t fall as much because I know how to stop myself better. It’s even better when we go into the bigger ice skating rink because there is more room for you to skate it. Unfortunately, this means more people, which means there is a greater chance of falling.

In the middle of the ice skating rink there are people that do lots of tricks. I especially like it when they do spins and jumps. Sadly, we can’t do any of those tricks. My sister and I use large, plastic buckets that we lean on with our hands to hold us up so we don’t fall, which is a very big help, except sometimes they aren’t. One time, when my sister and I were using the buckets, she was going so fast that she fell!

Ice in Paradise also has a place where you can buy food. When I am tired and hungry after skating, my sister and/or friends and I go to get something to eat. You can buy pizza, bagels, french fries, hamburgers, and drinks. I usually eat pizza or a hamburger.

When we are done eating, I go back into the ice skating rink and skate for a little bit longer before I get really tired and go home. When we are done skating my sister and I take off the ice skates and return them to the front desk. After that, my mom picks us up and we go home. When we get home, I relax, and my sister and I look at all the bruises we got.

Even though my sister and I got a lot of bruises, we still like to ice skate. Ice skating is really fun when you are with someone. That someone for me is my sister. So, if you are ever in need of an activity to pass time, ice skating is a good choice.

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