Bottle Flipping, The Latest Viral Sensation


By Chloe Buckley and Lila Gibson

If you have any type of social media, you might have noticed videos of this trend going around, called bottle flipping. It’s taken over the internet, and the minds of teenagers. It’s all over social media and in schools all around the world.

Bottle flipping happens when the water bottle has just enough water left, for the bottle to flip and land up right. When there is about ⅓ of water left in the bottle, and you flip it, it makes the water slosh around instead of moving it all to one side. This causes the water to move to the base of the bottle and gravity pulls it down causing it to land perfectly straight.

How did this big internet sensation start? Well, this bottle flipping challenge traces all the way back to a high school senior, Mike Senatore. Mike planned to flip the bottle for the school talent show, working all year long on the perfect way to get it to land up right. He experimented with several different amounts of water, finally finding the right amount that would land the bottle straight up almost every time. After landing the flip, the students of Andrey High went crazy over the seemingly impossible feat. The videos they took went viral, and soon almost every school was doing the water bottle flip challenge.

When people see something on the internet that appeals to or interests them, they decide to start trying to do it. The water bottle flipping craze blew up on the internet and caused kids all around the world to start doing it everywhere. Kids would do it in schools, at home, on the street, even in restaurants. It’s gotten as far as throwing the water bottle as far as they can in the air and seeing if they can land it, as well as lunging them. Some schools have even banned water bottle flipping because it’s become dangerous.

Starting as what seemed to be a small thing, it turned into a big obsession. Kids and adults alike, have been taking on the water bottle flipping challenge all around the world. Water bottle flipping has even taken over our own school, Santa Barbara Junior High. If you take a look into our school you’ll see several students doing the challenge. But as big as the obsession has become, it also has its flaws. If you’re going to do it please be careful, and safe.

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