Welcome To October


Jessie Logsdon

Welcome to October! This next month is going to be a whirlwind of pumpkin spice, trick-or-treaters, and terrifying decorations. It is going to be a countdown to Halloween. Kids will be putting together their costumes while adults decorate their houses with pumpkins and fall colors.

Going down grocery store aisles, shoppers are bombarded with pumpkin spice and fall themes. Many big companies such as Oreo and Starbucks will come out with annual snacks and drinks smothered in cinnamon and pumpkin.

October is a great time for decorating the house. Decorations range from adorable pumpkins to demons and ghouls, depending on how family-friendly your house is. Just like christmas, many outdoor LED lights line the streets.

Many kids love October for its famous holiday, Halloween. Kids love dressing up as princesses, and superheroes, and adorable ghosts and goblins. Trick-or-treating is especially fun for kids who love candy. They can indulge on piles of sugar and goodies!

Fall is an amazing time of year filled with goodies, ghosts, and pumpkins that many people enjoy. We hope everyone has a great October!

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