8th Grade Washington DC Trip


By Sam Torres

This spring, March 24 2017, Mr. Ogle will be leading 8th graders on a 5 day educational trip to Washington DC. This program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover American history, and our country’s heritage in a fun and interactive way. Students will have a chance to travel all over Philadelphia and Washington DC getting to see many historical sites, such as The Supreme Court, White House, Smithsonian Museum, Liberty Bell, Holocaust Museum, and many more of America’s national treasures.

Students will leave March 24, 2017 ,overnight flight, or March 25, 2017 ,early AM flight, based on flight availability. During the next 5 days students will be staying in a hotel. After the entire trip, students will board their flight on March 29, after visiting Mt. Vernon, the home of America’s first president.

To register for this life changing experience visit www.greenlightstudenttravel.com by clicking “Register” (use trip ID 6371445). Keep in mind that this trip is only for 8th grader students. Be quick to register before all spots are filled and the plane leaves.

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