Hello Mrs. Hartley!


By Collin Wells

Ms. Hartley is a new teacher at the Junior High that is from a small town in the backcountry of the California coast.

She has been trying to come to Santa Barbara Junior High for 3 years and this year she finally got accepted to teach in the school. Ms.Hartley has been studying art for six years at New York City Art Student League and other universities.

Ms. Hartley has Been teaching art for four years, starting in her hometown and then came to Santa Barbara teaching Kindergarten through 12th grade art. She likes art because it makes life interesting and she likes to work on realism, painting, and abstract art.

Its her first year teaching at SBJHS and she has had a great time her students. She feels well respected in the class with her students. She is very committed and confident to teaching art because she has never taught another subject in school.

The agenda for the 7th and 8th grade art class has mostly no homework.

When she had two kids in the 80s, she was taking jobs from San Diego to Sacramento. She love teaching because of all the kind kids that show her a little appreciation of her that will live on to spread her art and thinkings.

Ms. Hartley is a big outdoors person. She has a cabin in the woods that’s in the Sierra Nevadas. She love to backpack across the Sierra Nevadas and white water rafting that’s right outside here cabin. It’s pretty hardcor, but she loves it.

She was inspired to become a teacher when she went to France with a whole group of students and an Art Teacher. That experience made her love art. Now she’s a wonderful art teacher.

Her goal is to get all of her ready for the Santa Barbara High School Art Academy, And hopefully for art college students too.

Ms. Hartley is one of the most involved art teachers in the district. She is hardworking and happy to have students work with her at the junior high. The Journalism community wishes her luck in her first year!

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