Greetings Mrs. Nix


By Charlie Hess

Santa Barbara Junior High has many teachers that have been here for a long time. These teachers are loved by their fellow staff and students. Our Junior High is a place that nobody ever wants to leave. New teachers always come to this school a little nervous and scared, but after a while they feel they have been here for years.

On that note, we have a new teacher, and her name is Mrs. Nix. She is a confident and willing teacher.  She teaches 7th grade English in room 133, and she teaches during 6th period. However, Mrs. Nix teaches 8th grade English along with Mrs. Carmean during 4th and 5th period, in room 208. She has other teaching experience in Squim, Washington. In Washington, she taught Special Education. So far she loves the Junior High!

Besides from school, Mrs. Nix has a pretty active life. She really enjoys doing all kinds of sports. Some of the ones she often does are Softball, Tennis, and Basketball. She also has a strong passion for reading! Before she became a teacher, she went to 3 different colleges. She first went to Fresno State, where she got her Teaching Credential. Then, she went to Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo, and that’s where she studied to get her Special Education teaching degree. And finally, her third and final school was Adams State, located in Colorado, where she received her Masters in Special Education. No need to worry, she is a very educated and experienced teacher!

When you’re a new teacher, you really don’t know a lot about your students, so it’s good to make some goals. Mrs. Nix came here because she was impressed with the academics, so she really wanted to have her students learn the importance of reading and writing. Mrs. Nix would also love to help some of the students she has that are struggling to succeed in her class, and their other classes too. The last goal she has for her students is to have them improve their reading abilities and fluency. She would also love to see them enjoy reading instead of having them think it’s a chore. Lastly, besides her students, her main goal for herself this year is to become more versed in all of the technology teachers use these days.

Mrs Nix is a very determined and content teacher who is ready to make English a fun and helpful environment. You should be happy to have her! Go Condors!

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