Interview With Mrs. Chilton


By Sophia Burridge

Have you ever been to our school library? If so, then you have probably seen the librarian, Mrs. Chilton. I decided to interview Mrs. Chilton because I wanted to know more about the library. Here are some of the things she told me.

The function of the library is to connect students with books, to teach students how to research with computers, and it is also used as a study center. Mondays and Fridays the library is open from 7:50A.M. – 3:00P.M. and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are open from 7:50A.M. – 4:00P.M. and finally, Thursdays are open from 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

I asked Mrs. Chilton how often the library gets new books, and she said that they try to get new books in every month. The minimum amount of books they get every month is 20, and sometimes they even receive up to  100 books! Mrs. Chilton has always liked reading, and she says that she thinks it’s a different way to support students success.

She also was a teacher for almost 20 years and because of that, she feels like she’s able to support teachers and students needs. In 5 years, she sees herself still working at this library. She likes that her job offers a nice variety of teaching moments. “I get to meet all of the students and I get to work with all of the teachers,” she says. She also wants to share that if a student wants to request a book for the library that they don’t have, then they have a student book request form that you can fill out. If students want to make a change to the library, she said to let them know.

The library is a great place to find a good book. It is a nice and quiet place to read, do your homework, research something on the computers, or just hang out with your friends.

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