Jeff Hamilton Jazz Workshop


By Joy Patterson

Last Tuesday was a very special event for the Jazz Band.

“Thanks to Cathy Oliverson and the UCSB Arts and Lecture Program, we were able to have an awesome clinic with Jeff Hamilton of the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. He was great, he worked with the kids, gave us some tips and pointers on how to be better musicians and we are very appreciative of his visit…” states Mrs. Dutton, SBJH’s music teacher.

On Tuesday, October 4th, Jeff Hamilton came to Santa Barbara Junior High to do a short workshop with the Jazz Band. As a professional drummer, he had a lot of tips to help the Jazz Band with their performance.

The way the day’s structure was fairly simple; Jeff Hamilton would ask them to play a piece, then he would stop them and make changes to the way they were performing. For example, he made comments such as to “mean what you play” and to sing the rhythm before they play it. The band really took the tips to heart and improved the way they played with it.

At the end of the time he worked with them, he opened up a time for questions and told them a little bit about himself. As a child, he always wanted to be a drummer. Once he was 9, he had mastered the snare drum and got his first drum kit. Now he drums in the band he co-founded, the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra.

Jeff Hamilton helped the Jazz Band improve their skill on their various instruments and advance their knowledge of the art that music is.

“It was exciting and funny and helpful!” says saxophone player Mesa Diehl.

“It was a really fun experience to meet someone who is really a…professional!” expressed Melany Nunez Soto, another student in the Jazz Band.

Overall, the workshop was an amazing experience for the members of the Jazz Band.

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