After School Sports


By Isaiah Gil

After school sports are starting up again and that means we need more kids to join. Two sports that are coming up are boys basketball and girls soccer. If either of these sports interest you, then you should sign up! We have more sports on the way, but for now we have these two. After school sports is also a great way to meet new people or do something fun with all of your friends.

The most recent games have already passed, but there are more games coming up. The 8th grade girls soccer team did an outstanding job playing and won 3 to 0. The 7th grade girls as well did amazing. They won 4 to 1 and Alessa Manzo was on the team who is our inside about all the games. The team is being coached by Mr. Zeledon who has done an outstanding job teaching his team the game and showing them new tricks.

For boys basketball they also did great. The eighth graders lost by four points and the score was 38-42. The seventh graders won by 20 points with the score of 26-6. Amazing job by the seventh graders for winning their first game with Bennett Van Donge on the team. The coach for the boys basketball is Mrs. Kilroy. So far we are off to a great start for the year in sports. Let’s go condors, and remember that this Wednesday is your last chanceto see your team play a home game against La Cumbre Junior High!

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