Twin Day

By Zoe Mixon

As you may know twin day was on Friday October 7th. Twin day is a school spirit day where you get to dress alike or the same with your friends. I saw a lot of people dressing up with one another, and people dressing up in groups.

Here is what some people thought of twin day. Grace Miller and Emerson McCafferty- Cable said, “It was great to see a bunch of people participating in the first spirit day.”  Collin Wells and Charlie Hess said, “The first spirit day was pretty fun but we expected more people to dress up. We did see a couple people pop out though.” They also said that they planned their outfit last minute at about three in the morning. Jessie Logsdon who was twining with Max Herrell said, “It was awesome, I love spirit day.”  Simona Zaunius, who was twining with Aoife Braverman, said “it was fun to come to school dressed like somebody else. Also you don’t have to wear a super crazy outfit, you can show your school spirit just by dressing alike.” That is what some of the people who participated in twin day thought about it.

Some people that I saw stand out on twin day was the group of people that were wearing onesies. I thought this was a great way of showing school spirit. I also saw a couple of people in just groups of two wearing a normal outfit. I even saw a two teachers that were dressed the same. Overall I think it was a pretty good turnout for twin day, and I hope everyone had a great time.

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