Halloween Fun Facts

By Zoe Mixon


Halloween is coming up soon and I bet most of you are really excited. One of my favorite things about Halloween is the fun facts about this strange holiday. The spooky holiday has been around for more than 2,000 years and originated in Ireland. I am sure there is plenty of weird fun facts behind this holiday.

One of the best known Halloween traditions is carving pumpkins, or should I say turnips. Jack-o-lanterns were originally made out of turnips! I am not sure about you but that seems pretty difficult to me since they are so small. Jack-o-lanterns were also thought to ward off evil spirits.

I bet some of you are really looking forward to Halloween pranks. Here is a small tip… don’t use silly string. If you are planning to use silly string, don’t go to Hollywood or you will get fined 1,000 dollars. Besides there are a lot better things to prank people with.

I know most people don’t like spiders. But, it is a Halloween legend that if you see a spider on Halloween the spider is a spirit of a loved one watching over you. No wonder spiders are such a popular Halloween decoration.

I bet most if not all of you love animals. As most of you may know it is considered that if a black cat crosses your path it will bring you bad luck. This is why most animal shelters will not take in black cats during the month of October. You may find this next fact even more surprising. In the UK white cats are thought to bring bad luck, not black cats like here in the US.

Now here is the part you have all been waiting for, CANDY facts! Did you know that on October 28th more candy is sold than any other day of the year? That is a lot of candy. You may not find this too surprising but life savers are the most popular candy in California. Although the most popular choice of candy for kids all over the United States is Snickers followed by Reese’s, Kit Kats, and M&Ms. When I think of Halloween candy I think of candy corn. Americans purchase over two million pounds of candy corn each year. That is a lot of candy corn. You would definitely have a big stomach ache after eating all of that candy.

I hope you learned something new and enjoyed these Halloween fun facts!

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