Bastille Concert Experience


By Olivia McCafferty-Cable

Recently, London-based alternative band Bastille released their album, Wild World. They have announced tour dates in 2016 and 2017 for the “Wild, Wild World Tour,” and also just played a few smaller shows to prepare. On October 9th and 10th, the arena-bound band came to Los Angeles to play a music venue called The Troubadour for two nights in a row. Both shows sold out fast, and I was very lucky that I got the opportunity to go to the first night.

My dad and I arrived at the venue at around 6:00 P.M. We got in line and started talking to the family in front of us. Getting to know the people that were there made the night even more fun because they were who we would be spending the next few hours singing and dancing with. At 7:00, the long line of people that went around the corner were finally let inside. Some rushed to the stage, and others went to go buy shirts or CDs. Since the green room there is on the balcony above the floor, the band members kept waving and peeking out of the window’s curtains to us fans that were downstairs. After waiting anxiously for an hour and a half, the show finally began at 8:30.

Bastille opened with their new single “Good Grief.” For the next hour, they played almost every track from the album. I’ve seen them once before, but in a much larger venue, and since The Troubadour is so small, this show was very intimate. Being in a crowd that sings along to every song together is so incredible because just for that one night, the band brings all these different people together. They have an amazing onstage presence that gives the whole room so much energy. To close the show, they played four of their biggest songs from their first album. Dan Smith, the lead singer, walked through the crowd and climbed around the balcony during the song “Flaws”. Finally, they played their most popular song, “Pompeii”, which got everyone dancing and singing.

Overall, this was such an amazing experience. Having to wake up the next day to go to school was hard, but only because I had to accept that the night was over. I recommend that anyone who has the chance to see Bastille should. I’m never going to forget that concert, and I’m so fortunate to have gotten to go.

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