How To Get More Candy On Halloween


By Jessie Logsdon

One of the most popular Halloween activities is trick-or-treating. Trick-or-treating is very fun for kids of all ages! You can get buckets full of candy for free! For a lot of people, it is all about getting the most candy possible. I try very hard to beat the previous year with the amount of candy I collect. Last year I got a pillowcase full of 8.5 pounds of candy! I am compiling a list of all the methods I use to help you get the most candy this Halloween!


  • Good Costumes: A good costume is a great way to get a couple extra pieces of candy. Say you are giving out candy to kids. Are you going to give more candy to the girl with cat ears, or the kid with the homemade transformer outfit? More elaborate or creative costumes are bound to get more candy.
  • Tricks for Treats: A good way to get extra candy while trick-or-treating is to do some tricks. No, I do not mean T.P. a person’s house. Try doing something like a dance routine, or if you are someone like Elsa, sing one of her songs. You may also try things like going as a ballerina and doing ballet. But the trick is in the wording. First knock on their door and have them give you candy. Then ask if you can do your trick to get more candy. They almost always say yes.
  • Be Quick: When trick-or-treating you only have a certain amount of time. You have a maximum of three hours but it ends up being more like one. A great way of making sure you get a lot of candy is by being quick. Run from house to house and don’t stop to talk to neighbors or friends.
  • Use manners: Many people that are handing out candy are on the older side. People this age love kids that use manners and often reward it with candy. I have tried many different things like saying “please” and “thank you” and that works great! The thing that works the best though, is complimenting them, their costume, or their house. I have used this many times to get more candy and it has been very successful.
  • Family and friends: Stopping by your friends or family’s houses is a great way to get extra candy. Family friends are way more likely to give you as much candy as you want.
  • Don’t Snack: On your way around the neighborhood. Don’t start eating your candy. If you save it all for home, in the end you will have more candy to show to your friends and family.


If you use any or all of these 6 tricks, I guarantee that you will have more candy in your bag this Halloween!

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