Baking Club


By Emerson McCafferty-Cable

Santa Barbara Junior High has a variety of different clubs, and the students have added many more over the years. Baking Club has recently been declared an official club, which is held in Mr. Shelton’s room, 218.

Baking Club is where students come together, share their bake goods and have fun together!  In Baking Club, you can bring baked goods made by yourself to the club that meets every Thursday or you can just hang out with your friends. The President of the club is Jessie Logsdon, the Vice President is Emerson McCafferty-Cable, the Secretary is Grace Miller, and the Treasurers are Brooke Bierman and Izzy Borduas.

These past four weeks, students have brought baked good such as, chocolate crescents, apple cinnamon muffins, brownies, cookie dough and much more! The Baking Club is a fun way to spend your Thursday lunch and we would love to have you join!

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