The Mandela Effect


By Jubilee Lettieri, Chloe Buckley, and Lila Gibson

The Mandela Effect started out when a woman named Fiona Broom launched a website called the “Mandela Effect,” after having a conversation while at Dragon Con. The conversation started when one person mentioned that they remember Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in a South African prison. Other people shared that same memory. But after researching this topic on the internet and in history books, she discovered he didn’t die in jail. In fact he died later on, out of jail, from an illness. Mesmerized by this phenomena, the Mandela Effect was created.

The Mandela Effect is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never really happened. People remember the exact same memories with the exact same details,but what they remember is different than what is stated in history books, the news, or in magazines.

There are many Mandela Effects, but the one that really shocks people is the Kit Kat Mandela Effect. Almost everyone has seen the Kit Kat wrapper, but, have you really focused on the logo? Most people know the Kit Kat logo as Kit-Kat, but if you actually look at it, there never was a dash. What happened to the dash? Did they change the logo? There is no evidence showing there was ever a dash. This Mandela Effect is one that freaks most people out.

One of the most interesting, and honestly kind of scary Mandela Effect has to do with the famous movie series, Star Wars. For years, people have been seeing shirts and buttons with the words “Luke, I am your father.” In reality, it’s “No, I am your father.” People have been mistaking this for years. While Luke and Darth Vader are fighting in the Death Star, Vader cuts off Luke’s hand. They are fighting about how Luke should join Vader and take over with him. Vader brings up the fact that Obi-Wan told Luke how his father died. Luke brings up the fact that “Darth Vader killed his father.” Vader then says, “No, I am your father.” Most people mistake this for “Luke, I am your father,” when it’s not. Now, Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi, and had a child named Luke Skywalker. When Anakin turned into Darth Vader, he “died” in a sense. So when Obi-Wan tells Luke his father died, he was technically correct. So when Darth Vader says he’s his father, it all ties together.

Sticking to the Star Wars topic, let’s get into C3PO. The first time we see him is in Episode IV. He is the first character to speak a line in the entire series. What some people don’t notice is that he’s not all gold. He has one silver leg. Most people say that he is all gold, but if you look closely you can see that he has a silver leg. Our eyes deceive us because it looks so similar.

For years many people have been wondering if the kids show, The Berenstain Bears is spelled “berenstein” or “berenstain”. The Berenstain Bears is named by the creators of the children’s book. There is proof that it is spelled Berenstain Bears, but on some VCR tapes it’s spelled “Barenstein.” Some theories are that they changed their name at some point.

There are so many more Mandela Effects and there always will be more to come. Most of these usually shock people because they are so bizarre. They even have people wondering if they’re insane! Even though there is proof that some Mandela Effects are what they say, people still believe they are right. You’re not insane if you don’t catch it, your eyes just deceived you!

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