The Five Stages of Grief


By Sam Torres

Whether someone just lost a loved one or they are going through a tough time, everyone experiences the five stages of grief. It starts with denial, then shapes into anger, bargaining, and then depression takes over. Lastly they accept the loss. This is a very interesting function all humans possess when an extreme loss occurs. These are the five stages of grief.

When someone loses a loved one, at first they can not believe what just happened. This is normal because they can’t imagine life without them. Usually, we try to run away from the problem and hide from the facts and details. After the isolation, the war of anger begins.

As someone enters the anger phase, they become very vulnerable and get easily angry, this stage is common in films and TV shows where the person tries to avenge their lost one. During this stage the person usually finds someone to blame, most likely the doctor or the person who was last with them.

The next stage is bargaining. Bargaining is when someone argues with something beyond their power. Such as questioning religion, challenging their faith, or doubting everything they ever believed in.

After the short phase of bargaining comes the long, tough, and heavy walk through depression. Depression is most often the longest phase. This is when the victim has a lack of energy and becomes very helpless. When in depression, one can shed a lot of tears. This is where the victim must depend on their family or friends for support.

The final stage is acceptance. After getting through the tough times of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression comes acceptance. This step is the opportunity for one to make peace with their self and accept that the person is gone.

These are steps a person follows when extreme loss occurs. This is a very interesting and exciting human function. Be sure to give lots of support to anyone who is going through the moments of grief. These are the 5 stages of grief.

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