Tower of Terror Closing


By Sophia Buridge

On September 1, Disney announced that on January 2, 2017, Disneyland’s Tower of Terror ride in the California Adventure Park will be closing, to be made into a Guardians of Galaxy ride.

Since the ride is closing soon, Disney has decided to offer special features for the guests that ride at a certain time. For example, there will be special edition merchandise in their store, special performances in the lobby and outside the ride, a nightly event called “Late Check-Out” where guests will get to experience the ride in complete darkness. Finally, outside you will get the chance to take a picture with vintage luggage like you were actually a guest long ago. Even though a petition was signed with over 33,000 signatures demanding that they should keep the ride, Disney is still going on with their plans to close the ride to make room for the new attraction.

Although this is sad for a lot of people, there are some pros that come with it too. The ride itself isn’t closing, just think of it as getting a makeover. It will no longer be ‘Tower of Terror’ but instead will be ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout’. There will still be drops on the ride, just like the original ride. Also, the original Tower of Terror in Disney World will not be going anywhere for a while. Finally, this will be the first ever Marvel ride in Disneyland. This could be exciting for Marvel fans.

Personally, I don’t think that they should take down the ride just to put in a new one. Tower of Terror is a classic ride that they had for a very long time. Even though they will keep the ride in Disney World, they should keep it in Disneyland for the people on the West in the US. The Tower of Terror is a great ride and it will be missed.

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