Halloween Experiences


by Alexia Rodriguez, Isaiah Gil, Jessie Logsdon, and Lila Gibson

This article is a collection of stories and experiences from four different points of view on the spookiest night of the year. We all hope you enjoyed Halloween as much as we did!

Alexia Rodriguez:

When my sister, my cousin, and I went Trick-or-Treating this year, we got a ton of candy! We went Trick-or-Treating on the east side. It was really fun because there was a lot of houses with decorations that were not too scary. The day before Halloween I went to Universal Studios and it was very scary. I went through different mazes and went on rides, which was very exciting.

Isaiah Gil:

On October 31st, it was Halloween and I didn’t even go Trick-or-Treating. I spent the night at my friend’s house setting up all of the decorations, bringing one of his uncle’s old coffins (he makes coffins) into the yard, getting our costumes on, and taking our places to scare people. We hid in the coffin, behind a pumpkin, and behind bushes.

My friend’s little sister was handing out candy, so no one suspected us. When she was handing out the candy, we would jump out and scare them. We started at 5:30 for the early Trick-or-Treaters, and stayed up until our pot of candy was empty (which was late).

My exploits were very successful: I made adults scream; little kids cry, fall down, and drop all of their candy; teenagers accidentally swear in front of their parents; and some people had to go back the way they came in because they were too scared to go the whole way.

Even though my Halloween was not a classic celebration, I had a lot and I really hope you did too!

Jessie Logsdon:

Around three years ago, my two best friends moved into La Colina Apartments. La Colina Apartments is a large apartment complex close to Goleta. Last year on Halloween, the three of us decided to try our luck with Trick-or-Treating there. We dressed up as three rainbow unicorns. We then grabbed our pillowcases and left.

The apartments had a mix of people. Half of the people were out Trick-or-Treating or they didn’t give out candy. The people that were home handing out candy decorated and dressed up. We had so much fun getting candy and taking “one” from the “take one” bowl. We were out for about one hour and by the end our arms were hurting from the full pillowcases of candy.

When we got home, we dumped out all of our candy on the table and began to sort and trade. We weighed all of our candy and found that we got 8.5 pounds each. We sorted our candy into categories and traded our least favorites for our favorites. It was so amazing! It was the most candy I had ever gotten. We packed it up in categories into little ziploc bags and I left. I spent the whole year indulging on my delicious collection.

Now, every year we embark on a journey to the apartments and collect all the candy we can get. This year we were out for only 45 minutes and we got 8 pounds of candy each. This included a king size hershey’s, and a 1 dollar bill. Ever since we discovered this hidden Trick-or-Treating goldmine, my Halloweens have been so amazing and they get better every year. I can’t wait for next year! Happy Halloween!

Lila Gibson:

This Halloween was one of my favorites. In previous years, I had always Trick-or-Treated in Montecito, but this year I went up to the Mesa. A couple of my friends live up there, so it was very convenient. At 5:00 I met my friend and hung out with a few other people for an hour, and then met up with a bunch more of my other friends at 6:00.

At 6:00 we started going around getting candy. Depending on your costume, say if you were a Patriot football player, people might give you more (or less) candy depending on how they feel about that team. It was interesting seeing people’s different preferences. One of my most memorable houses that we went to was when we went to a house that had about a one foot fence. Seeing that the people had decorated for Halloween, we stepped over the fence and went to get candy. Upon opening the door, the owners of the house yelled at us to go away, mad that we had stepped over their tiny fence. They even went as far as threatening to call the cops! After apologizing, we ran away shocked from the event! However we did not let that ruin our Halloween fun and Trick-or-Treated for another hour or so. We ended the night by sorting our candy and eating it. When it was really late, I went to my friends house and we had a sleepover, concluding probably one of my favorite Halloween experiences.

Now that you have read some of our halloween stories, feel free to leave one of your stories in the comments below!

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