Clippers Historic Streak


By Bennett Van Donge

The Los Angeles Clippers are off to a historic start and they have only played 12 games this season. They are 10 – 2 so far this year. This is the best start in LA Clippers franchise history. They are beating everyone and most teams are not looking forward to seeing their name on their 82 game schedule. So if you are in the Eastern Conference, you are very lucky this year.

Coming into the season, the Clippers were the most favored team to win the NBA Title, as they are every year. This year, they added superstars like Marreese Speights and Raymond Felton who are really making an impact, so far on the court and in the locker room. If the Clippers continue this winning streak they are sure to win the NBA title in June. In the Clippers 47 years as a team, they have failed to win a NBA Title and even failed to make it to the Western Conference Finals. If they are to win a title,  they will be surprising a lot of fans.

Every single year Clippers fans and reporters say that this is the best Clippers team they have ever seen, but every year they are wrong. I think this year is different. The last few years all we had were young guys who though they were pretty good, but this year we have veterans who are taking over this team and making them into the next Golden State Warriors. If you want to see NBA History be made this year, start watching the Clippers.

Blake Griffin is incredible this season. He is blocking shots and scoring like Stephen Curry. His lowest scoring game this season was 13 points. If that is your lowest scoring game this year, you are a really great player. But it is not just Griffin who is helping this Clippers team. Chris Paul is 45% from the 3 point line, which is 4& more from his previous career high,  and DeAndre Jordan is averaging 12.4 rebounds a game, his career high. If this team keeps this up we may be beating the Warriors 73 win season.

If you don’t watch basketball, start by watching the Clippers, and if you do watch basketball stop watching what ever team that you are watching and start watching the Clippers. This is going to be a fun and historic Clippers season. So sit back and watch the Clippers win an NBA Title.

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