Most Recent 2016 Trends/Challenges

By Jubilee Lettieri

Trends- a fashion.

Trends are randomly made and then they become a hit. Once one person starts it, everyone else does it. These past couple months have been full of dance trends and challenges. The most famous challenges/trends are The Mannequin challenge, The Andys Coming Challenge, and Juju on That Beat dance.

The Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin challenge consists of a group of people acting as mannequins while a camera pans around the room, while the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays. A lot of people have been asking, where did it come from? The first video of this was from a high school student at Ed White High School in Jacksonville FL. Some kids were just messing around and decided to do The mannequin challenge that was not done yet. It soon became a viral video, and then it became one of the biggest trends of 2016. The Mannequin challenge is so popular that even Hillary Clinton and her crew have done it.

Andy’s Coming Challenge

Days after the Mannequin challenge became the new craze, a new challenge has been released into the world. It is the Andy’s Coming challenge. It originates from the movie “Toy Story”, because the toys come alive and, their owner Andy can’t know. They all yell “Andy’s coming!” and drop to the floor to become toys again. Whenever someone yells out “Andy’s coming!” to a large group, everyone who is participating drops to the floor just like the toys in Toy Story.

Juju on That Beat Dance

The way this dance trend became popular was from the song “Juju on That Beat” by TZ Anthem. The words in the song correlates with certain dance moves. One section of the song is “Juju on that beat, now slide, drop, hit dem folks.” Another dance move incorporated in the dance is from the popular challenge, the running man challenge, from the 90’s song “My Boo” and freestyle dancing.

In our generation, trends and challenges are made up randomly without intending it to become popular.

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