The Browns Sad Start

By Bennett Van Donge

3c3d721b7be7c7500308679df88a7d86-original-1The Cleveland Browns are off to a very bad start this season. They are 0 – 12. They have not won one game this season and they are probably wondering why. They came into this season very arrogant, saying that this is their year to win, with their new roster and draft picks. Well, as you can see this is not going to be their year.

If the Browns would go 0 – 16 this year, without one win, they would only be the 5th team in NFL history to do so joining the 1960 Cowboys, 1967 Buccaneers, 1982 Baltimore Colts, and the 2008 Detroit Lions. That is a list in the NFL that teams do not want to be a part of.

Over the past 17 years, the Browns have had 26 different starting quarterbacks, the most in NFL History. Cody Kessler is their current quarterback and is the 26th in this struggling quarterback era for the Browns, and the second quarterback this season after Robert Griffin. The leader of a football team is always the starting quarterback. To have a good football team, you must have a good and reliable quarterback. This is one reason the Browns have been struggling lately. Having Robert Griffin and Cody Kessler, a rookie, at quarterback is not doing the Browns any good.

The Browns next game will be against their rival, the Bengals, at FirstEnergy Stadium, the Brown’s home stadium, on December 11. This could be the Browns best chance to win a game this season because they will be at their home field with their fans, they will be off a bye week, and the Bengals have a bad record at 3 – 12. If they don’t win next week, this team is in for a lot of hate from reporters and fans.

The last four games for the Browns are very critical. If they win the next four games, they will not even be payed attention to in the offseason. But, if they lose the rest of their games, well, good bye to the Cleveland Browns.

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