Holiday Photo Booth

15370127_1239367316120685_493356053693943913_oSophia Burridge

Last year, Mrs. Chilton decided to have a fun activity for all students to enjoy in the library, a holiday “photo booth”. She got the idea from a magazine and started it for the first time last year. This “photo booth” is where students can take a picture in front of holiday wallpaper and hold props with their friends. You can even get your pictures printed out and share it with others. This is a fun idea because you can save memories and look at them when you are older.

“I think that this is a cool idea because you can have fun with your friends and save memories.” Camila Angeles said.

Zoe Mixon said, “I like it because it’s a fun thing to do with your friends.”

“It is a really fun way to get into the holiday spirit with your friends.” Joy Patterson said.

If you haven’t gone to check it out or take a picture with your friends, then go to the library soon.

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