Sci Trek in Mrs. Kluss’s Science Classes


By Sophia Burridge and Camila Angeles

Last week, Sci Trek came to Mrs. Kluss’s classes to perform different experiments with yeast. Sci Trek is a group of college students from UCSB, who go to different schools and

create science experiments. They came on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

On the first day, the class got separated into different groups. Then, we started to set up our first experiment. We put yeast and water in two different beakers, and added sugar in the beaker with yeast in it. Then we stirred it, and let it sit for 10 minutes. After the ten minutes, we recorded our observations.

On the second day they came, we set up an experiment to test how hot water effects sugar and yeast. We basically did the same thing that we did on the first day, but this time we measured how much water was transferred from one beaker to the other using carbon dioxide. We connected the beaker with yeast and sugar in it with the one with plain water. The beaker with plain water was then connected to an empty beaker. Finally, we put the beaker with the yeast and sugar mixture in a flask with warm water in it, then set it on a heater. After we were finally done setting up, we waited 10 minutes for something to happen. Once the time was up, we recorded how much water was in the empty beaker. We then recorded that in our Sci Trek packets. Sci Trek came to Mrs. Kluss’ classes for about 6 days, so it was pretty repetitive.

On the last day of Sci Trek we made a class recipe, trying to get the most water collected. All the periods competed with each other to see who got the highest average of water collected. Mrs. Kluss’s 4th period got the highest average, and will get a pizza party from Sci Trek.

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