Best Rated Christmas Movies!

By Chloe Buckley and Lila Gibson

As the Christmas season comes rolling in, everyone is busy buying presents and trees to make their house festive. But sometimes, you’d rather curl up on the couch with a nice warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, and watch a good Christmas movie. These are some of the best rated Christmas movies we could find.

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life- PG: When the main character, George Bailey, wishes he was never born an angel is sent to earth to make his wish come true, George soon realizes how many lives he has impacted and how different it would be without him alive, 8.6/10 Stars..,
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – G: Sam the snowman tells us the story of Rudolf. He is left out of all the reindeer games because he’s a little bit different from everyone else. He has a bright, shiny, red nose. He runs away with an elf and a prospector. He runs into the abominable snowman and find the land of misfit toys. When they come back on Christmas Eve, and it’s foggy, Santa gets an idea that involves the one reindeer everyone made fun of for being different, and saves the day,  8.1/10 Stars.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas – PG: Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween, but he doesn’t think it’s enough for him. He goes on a journey accidentally falling through a door finding Christmas Town. He thinks this is what he’s been missing. He starts taking over Christmas. He gets three trick-or-treaters- Lock, Shock and Barrel- to kidnap Santa Claus so Jack can take over Christmas, but faces challenges with the evil Oogie Boogie,  8/10 Stars.
  4. Home Alone – PG: When 8 year old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left behind when his family goes off on vacation, he finds himself man of the house overnight. At first, he enjoys being alone, decorating the house and being lazy. But when two robbers try to break in, it’s up to Kevin to defend the house. Using several booby traps and tricks, Kevin makes the robbers run for the hills,  7.5/10 Stars.
  5. Frosty The Snowman – G: A magical top hat flies through the town and lands on a snowman, and the hat brings him to life. When people start to find out about this magical snowman, they want to take him away. The group of children who made him want to save him, because he brings happiness to everyone who meets him, 7.4/10 Stars.
  6. Elf – PG, Buddy, a human, was accidently taken by Santa to the North Pole as a toddler, and was raised to adulthood by the elves. Unable to shake the feeling that he doesn’t fit in, Buddy travels to New York to find his biological father. It turns out his father is Walter Hobbs, a grumpy and cynical businessman. After a DNA test proves that Buddy is in fact his son, Walter reluctantly tries to start a relationship with Buddy, resulting in several chaotic events.   6.9/10
  7. A Christmas Carol- PG, Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy old man from a tiny village, is forced to change his attitude around for the better after the visiting of three ghosts. The Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. He goes back through past, present, and future seeing the way he acted and what he can do to change it, 6.8/10 Stars.
  8. The Polar Express – G: When a young boy doesn’t know for sure if Santa is real he wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of the train. He looks outside to find a train in the street in front of his house, he runs outside with pajamas and a robe, and finds the conductor. He asks where he’s going and he said the North Pole, is he to believe this magical ride, or refuse to go? He went on and had to see what was going to happen, and where he was going to go, 6.6/10 Stars.
  9. Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas – PG, When Christmas time comes around in Whoville, everyone is happy except for one person, The Grinch. He lives a hard life where everyone loves Christmas, and one year he plans to take it over and make everyone’s Christmas a lot less cheerful, but a little girl wants to change his mind. Will his mind change? Will he like Christmas once again? Or will he just never love it? 6/10 Stars.
  10. Christmas with the Kranks- PG, When Luther and Nora Krank find out that their daughter will not be home for christmas, they face the fact that, after celebrating Christmas faithfully and happily their whole life, it was going to be a very lonely holiday. After inspiration strikes the Kranks, they decide to spend their holiday on a Caribbean Cruise. After refusing to put up their Christmas decorations, the Kranks find themselves in a war with their neighbors. Then Nora and Luther get a call from their daughter telling them she will be home for Christmas, leaving the Kranks with 24 hours to get themselves and their neighbors back in the holiday spirit.  5.2/10 Stars.

These are just a few from many different Christmas movies for you to enjoy. There are many more out there that could make you happy, and in the Christmas spirit. I hope you enjoy these amazing movies!

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