Clash Royale’s New Arena


By Nick Luna

Many mobile phone users have seen this game on the app store or games store. Most of those users play this game regularly, myself included. This game is called Clash Royale. It’s a fun strategy game where two players of similar experience levels face off in an arena. The objective is to use a set of cards with characters. These characters can level up and become better with more experience. The player must place these characters on their side of the arena, and let these characters battle with the other player’s characters.

There are two towers on the left and right of the screen. The player must destroy their enemy’s towers, or just one of them at least. Once one has been destroyed the player can set more characters in a small space inside the opponent’s half of the arena. Also, the player slowly receives elixir, and with this elixir, the player may spawn more characters. In the final minute of the battle, elixir comes at 2x speed, making the player able to spawn more characters at a faster rate.

Behind the two towers is a king tower, destroying this instantly wins the player all three stars, even if one tower is still standing. If one tower is destroyed, then one star is received, if the second one is destroyed, the second star is received, destroying the final king tower wins the player the third and crowns the player winner, even if the opponent destroyed one or both of the player’s towers. Also, if the player destroys one tower, and head straight for the king, the third star will still be received, and the game will instantaneously destroy the other tower, winning the player all three stars.

The main objective is the more wins the player gets, the more trophies the player wins, (and loses some trophies if the player loses.) The more trophies the player receives, the better arena this player may get. The arenas are:

  • The Tutorial Arena
  • “Goblin Stadium” for players with 0-399 trophies,
  • “Bone Pit” for players with 400-799 trophies,
  • “Barbarian Bowl” for 800-1009 trophies,
  • “P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse” for 1100-1399,
  • “Spell Valley” for 1400-1699,
  • “Builder’s Workshop” for 1700-1999,
  • “Royal Arena” for 2000-2299,
  • “Frozen Peak” for 2300-3999,
  • and finally “Legendary Arena” for 3000 and higher.

With this upcoming update, the game will add a new arena, titled “Jungle Arena,” but may be changed in the future. It will be in between “Frozen Peak” and “Legendary Arena.” It will be for players with 2600-3999 trophies, and change “Frozen Peak’s” requirements to 2300-2599 trophies.

If the player unlocks a new arena, once the player wins, they’ll receive a type of chest, dependant on how good the player’s performance was, but won’t receive a chest if their chest slot is full. The chest will take a certain amount of time to unlock, unless the player uses gems, which can be received by paying real life money, or getting them in the daily free chests.

The chest will contain cards of characters, and if the player gets an amount of cards with one character, the play may upgrade that character. If the player receives a card with a character that they don’t have, the player will receive the brand new card.

The new Jungle Arena has a chance to give the player four new cards, The Goblin Gang, and the Dart Goblin, along with the Executioner and one more. This exciting new update should be released to the public on January 13th, so get ready!

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