Santa Barbara Women’s March

By Jessie Logsdon jesse-march

On Saturday morning, thousands of people gathered on State St. to march for the equality of women. The peaceful protest went for a few blocks up State and then turned around and started again. The march was based on the equality women could possibly be losing from our 45th president of the United States. The march was not just in Santa Barbara,  all over the world people participated in the march! All seven continents!

Although the march was based on women pleading for their equality, many me were there as well saying that they want all to be equal. The march was intended to have a small amount of people attend, but more and more people showed up and the amount nearly doubled! The march consisted of many chants such as “Love, not hate, makes America great!” and hundreds of creative (to say the least) signs. Many children were holding “I am the Future” signs and many fathers were holding a baby girl in one hand and a “I’m doing this for her” sign in the other.

My mother and I walked the whole thing and participated in the chants. It was really inspiring to see the women at the front of the crowd starting chants because you could see how much this meant to them. I really enjoyed the event because I was a part of history. I was there to show that I wanted change and that was empowering. I felt an extra skip in my step as I marched for my own rights. Everyone was smiling and laughing, just having a good time. I’m really happy that this march was set up, I think it was a beautiful way for us to come together and fight for what is right!

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