Dance Moms EXPOSED


By Jubilee Lettieri and Jessie Logsdon

Dance moms is a “reality” show that surrounds Abby Lee Miller and her dance competition team at the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, In May of 2015 Abby Lee Miller saved up money and bought a new studio to Los Angeles, California, where the dance competition life was moved. The show follows a group of young women on their journey to becoming great dancers. In each episode, the girls will have 3-4 days to  learn the dances, then they travel to the nearest dance competition and compete to win the ultimate title.  When the show began there were 7 girls, then as the show grew more popularity the bar was raised and kids started leaving and new kids started coming in. The reason the girls would end up leaving the company is because of the mom drama. Ever wonder why the show is called Dance Moms? The moms get too involved with their kids and their dreams and end up causing scenes with the other mothers.

Like most TV programs, the “reality” of the show is not what it seems. Some former dancers and dance moms have opened up about how the show is fake and the fights are staged for views. Maddie Ziegler shares out with USA Today that “The producers set it up to make us all yell at each other, The moms have to fake a fight sometimes, Afterward they just start talking and laugh about it.” She later went on to say that although the drama portion isn’t always real, the life they showcase is real, saying “It is really real, we do have a really crazy competition life.”

Throughout 6 years of the show, 11+ dancers have left the show. This was due to moms “causing” drama and “starting” fights. The families got tired of having to put up with the producers demands in order for their children to become beautiful dancers. They were also tired of the way the producers were making Abby Lee be strict and unfair to their kids.

Maddie Ziegler, a former dancer on dance moms, grew fame from the show and began doing crazy things like working with the artist sia, and dancing in her music videos. Her fame started when Sia released her song, Chandelier, which Maddie danced to.  She recently got the opportunity to keep working with Sia and appeared in three more music videos. Because of this sudden fame and fortune, Abby Lee began focusing all her attention on Maddie. This caused an uproar from the parents and neglected kids. Abby Lee is famous for her saying “Dance comes first” but when her attention was focused on Maddie, she put the dancing behind her and allowed Maddie to find her way into the spotlight by performing in movies and other projects.This has caused a lot of drama between the moms because they don’t think it’s fair. Maddie has always been Abby’s favorite from the beginning.

Abby Lee Miller was proclaimed to be guilty of  bankruptcy fraud in October of 2015.

She could be spending up to 5 years in jail as a consequence for the fraud. Abby Lee has been through lots of legal troubles throughout the years. She was proven guilty of  refusing to pay her taxes and smuggling 120,000 dollars from Australia with her employees.

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