The Man in Our Dreams

By Nick Luna

Every night, everybody has dreams. Dreams can be crazy, but the thing that nobody ever notices is that there is a man that shows up in everybody’s dreams. Now, when I first saw a picture of this man, I though, “I’ve never seen him before,” but last night, he was there! People worldwide have reported him showing up, especially after they see the picture of him. I decided to investigate deeper.

There are many theories as of why this man is in our dreams. If he’s in everybody’s dreams, why do we not know his name? My personal favorite theory as of why he’s there is that he’s the “Creator” in people’s religions. I think he is our Creator and is going around to people’s dreams. I think the reason he looks normal is that he doesn’t want to scare us and wants to look human/normal. He always gives the person asleep, some advice, which might be expected from a religious God. There are more crazy theories about this man at

Another theory is that he is a man with telepathic powers going through people’s dreams, manipulating them to do whatever he pleases. This theory I refuse to believe because it creeps me out, the fact that some random person can control what I

Whoever this man is, he shows up in many people’s dreams. This man may be just random person, God, a telepathic man who enters everybody’s consciousness, or it just may be a myth. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Who the heck is this man?!” Well, here’s a picture, and think to yourself, have I seen this man?

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